Closed-Loop Diesel Filtration Systems

Refuel is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency diesel filtration systems for commercial and industrial stored diesel applications. 

Refuel employs a closed–loop filtration process to continuously filter diesel as a means of polishing, cleaning and drying the fuel. Our systems remove particulate down to 0.5μ, and emulsified and free standing water. Refuel replaces traditional fuel management practices which deploy harsh chemical additives, annual fuel replacement or continuous operation of engines in non emergency situations to burn off fuel reserves.Refuel provides a continuous long term fuel management solution and eliminates significant gaps present in traditional, periodic fuel managemen practices. 

The continuous nature of our closed-loop filtration system actively manages fuel quality, keeping the fuel free of particulate contamination and water ingress while cleaning your fuel tank by eliminating diesel sludge in your preventing recontamination of the clean fuel. 

As a manufacturer and supplier, Refuel provides more than just a filter. We provide a complete fuel management program and guarantee the integrity of our client’s stored fuels ensuring it meets regulatory compliance standards and engine manufacturer’s warranty requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

our mission is to secure the integrity of mission critical, commercial and industrial clients fuel reserves so they maintain business

Refuel was developed as a direct response to a series of industry changes that have occurred over the past decade, including the introduction of low sulfer diesel, bio blends and more stringent generator emission standards.