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Today’s diesel fuels are meant to be used immediately, not stored for later use.

The following information is presented to provide you with the knowledge to make an educated decision on how to protect your critical business operations under emergency conditions.

The oil refining business has changed dramatically with the advent of new technologies and environmental pressures. Research has led to the production of diesel fuel that is very different than that of just a few years ago (Low and Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel). It is cleaner burning, more efficient (higher cetane), has fuel additives to compensate for mandated sulphur reductions and can be blended with fatty acid methyl esters (biodiesel). Advances have made for better fuels and a cleaner environment. The downside of this advancement is fuel stability when stored for longer than three months.  Refuel's fuel polishing and filtering solutions accounts for these changes and gurantees your stored diesel is ready when you need it helps your manage a single point of failure in your back-up and ememergency power sytems.