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Closed-Loop Diesel Filtration

Contaminated diesel fuel and dirty fuel tanks are the leading cause of emergency generator failures and generator warrantee defaults. Failure to generate power during an emergency places even the most robust disaster mitigation plan at risk. Refuel's unique closed-loop diesel filtration system eliminates fuel as a single point of failure and restores the integrity to your diesel fuel, fuel storage tanks and your disaster mitigation plans. Fuel integrity is power reliability. Learn More

The Evolution of Diesel

Fuel Testing

LEED Certification

Mobile Diesel Filtration Systems

Mobile filtration systems provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for maintaining fuel integrity, when you need it, where you need it. The RSI MO-140 mobile diesel filtration solution meets the needs of organizations looking to maintain uptime reliability and regulatory compliance. Mobile filtration systems are effective solutions for fuel transfers, as part of modernization and tank replacement projects and is an ideal fit with emergency power clients, the marine industry, mining, and oil and gas sectors as well as various other industries and applications. Read More