Diesel Filtration Systems

Refuel’s unique closed–loop filtration systems are designed to maintain the integrity of stored diesel by continually polishing the fuel and cleaning the fuel storage tanks. Each Refuel diesel filtration system has been designed to be compatible with your existing infrastructure, enhance its performance, and promote resilience and reliability in your emergency power system.

Refuel systems are available for a variety of applications and fuel volumes and can be installed in interior and exterior environments as permanent solutions or as mobile filtration systems. Mobile filtration are ideal for fuel transfers, tank replacements, marine applications and remote or temporary filtrations solutions.  

Orignially designed to filter diesel fuels Refuel’s fuel filtration, fuel polishing systems are also certified work with:

  • Low sulphur and ultra low sulphur Diesel (LSD and ULSD)
  • Bio-diesel
  • Gasoline with up to an e-85 ethanol rating
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Lubricating oils

Refuel's systems have undergone independantly adjudicated testing by AGAT Laboratories to validate fuel filtration effectiveness and performance. (view Refuel's AGAT Laboratories test results)

Refuel Systems’ manufacturing facility adheres to iso 9001:2008 quality control standards and use unionized trades people. All models are built using stainless steelfi lter housings, NEMA rated enclosures, and UL and CSA certified components.